3D, highly accurate & cloud-based
infrastructure platform for Professionals
With infra3D Services you are comfortably on site and very well-informed    without being there physically! Many administrative processes are greatly simplified.
Time-consuming and dangerous field inspections belong to the past.
Be on site - Save time money, and work safe.


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This week we are on the road to digitaly capture the streets of the municipality of Niederbüren (inital campaign), Delémont and Sierre (update campaign).
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We continue to expand our partner network. We are pleased to welcome bbp geomatik ag as a competent partner for the region of Bern and Fribourg. The 70-member team of bbp geomatik ag is a competent partner for municipalities and cities when it comes to GIS, 3D and engineering surveying.
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We're delighted to announce that we have won the public tender to capture & digitize the road network of the city of ZURICH! This is another major endorsement for our cloud-based infra3D infrastructure platform! Starting from today we will be on the road in Zurich to capture the road network of the city.
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This week we are digitizing the streets of the community Zurzach (Bad Zurzach, Rekingen, Baldingen, Böbikon, Rümikon, Wislikofen and Kaiserstuhl). 
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This week we are on the road for the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) and Zentralbahn Railway (ZB) to update the 3D image data of the entire railway network. The infrastructure operators use the infra3DRail service as a reliable and efficient basis for various infrastructure management tasks.
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On behalf of the Construction and Transportation Department of the Canton of Basel City, over the next four weeks we will be on the road in the city of Basel, Riehen and Bettingen to update the infa3D image data. The infra3DCity service is used as a reliable and efficient tool for various infrastructure management tasks.
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In the next few weeks we will be on the road in Munich to digitalize the remaining city area. The city administration uses the infra3D service as a basis for various infrastructure management tasks, especially for planning purposes and inventory and condition assessment.
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This week we are on the road for the TRAVYS Railways (Transports Vallée de Joux–Yverdon-les-Bains–Ste-Croix). Project goal: updating the high-precision 3D imageries of the entire railway network and various measurement data for condition-based maintenance planning.
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This week we are on the road in the city of St. Gallen (data update), Canton Schwyz (data update) and Wildhaus (initial capturing). The administrations are using the infra3D service as a reliable and efficient basis for various infrastructure management tasks.
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In the next two week we will be on the road for the city of Gothenborg and Ängelholm (SWE) to update the infra3D image data. The newly captured image data will be integrated and displayd in the cities existing infra3DCity Service and can thus be used and compared simultaneously with the old image data from the last campaigns (2016-2019).
Due to the current situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), all planned trade fairs in the period from March to December 2020 have been cancelled.
The infra3D release 3.10.0 is now live! This release contains many new features: editing 2D data, snapping to 2D data, perpendicular snapping to 2D data, annotation of the snapshot. For more information please watch the release video.
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infra3D Service simplifies infrastructure maintenance, the management, planning, realization and documentation of construction projects.



Our products - Your benefits

Many work processes, particularly structural and operational maintenance of your infrastructure systems require a wide range of spatial data. Conventional extraction of the relevant data is time-consuming, expensive and often entails risks or operational restrictions.

The infra3D service allows you to collect this data efficiently and flexibly, direct from your work place. The infra3D Service provides you with an high resolution, georeferenced 3D panorama imagery of road and rail corridors directly to your workstation or into your tablet. Using web or mobile client you will be constantly well informed about your infrastructure.

High precision & accuracy

Our infra3D image database facilitates measurement with centimeter precision (absolute und relative accuracy). Our service achieves the highest measure accuracy standards in digital surveying. These exact georeferenced online-inspections can reduce the amount of on-site inspections by 60 %.


infra3D is completely cloud and web based (password-protected) imagery application with an accessibility 24/7 from anywhere. The platform is very intuitive, easy to understand and work with – Measurements can be performed with the unique monoplotting (one-click) technique.

Added value through versatility

infra3D Service is flexible: sector-specific configurations allow you to adapt the service precisely to your needs. The power spectrum of infra3D covers the demand of different guarantors (public & private). The service is used in many different infrastructure applications.

Integration capacity

The infra3D Service can be integrated & combined with an existing third-party solution (GIS or CAD's). Particular geo data can be accurately displayed, overlaid and presented in its actual context through in infra3D Service.




Key Facts
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infra3D USERS
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Many infrastructure operators, public administrations and engineers here and abroad trust the unique infra3D service and use our intelligent infra3D geo image data service for their various purposes.

Use Cases
Direct access to the city of Zug
The Canton of Aargau brings its entire canton road network onto the screen
Glarus North achieves a successful fusion thanks to infra3DLocal