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Direct access to the city of Zug

With the infra3DCity the city of Zug obtained direct access to the city infrastructure. The structural engineering, traffic and civil engineering departments benefit from the 3D image service and its many possible applications: evaluating the condition of roads, creating an inventory of street furniture and collecting data for a reference road axis.

According to its motto „be onsite without being there“, the infra3DCity enables the city of Zug to carry out virtual on-site surveys and allows external specialists to use the image data service in their specialized applications.

The challenge

Zug is a globalized small city in the heart of Switzerland. Approximately 28,000 people from 127 countries live in the central Swiss city. The terrain of the city is equally varied: the city offers everything, from the urban city centre with a lakefront, to agricultural areas as far as the Zugerberg mountain.

The first step for iNovitas was to realise infra3DCity comprehensively and so to travel throughout the heterogenous city space. The web-based 3D image service should, as the second step, be expanded around the available linear road axis, so that collected information can be displayed in relation to this reference. Mapping all the street furniture also contributes to sustainable maintenance management.

A renovation project provided another application for infra3DCity. The georeferenced 3D image service will be used for fundamental data collection for the renovation of the historical Zeughausgasse.

The solution

Thanks to infra3DCity, the internal administrative expenses fell in the departments of structural engineering and planning permission. The departments involved stay in the picture and are able to generate the information required from the 3D image service. Other specialists also benefit from the simple, virtual surveys, which provide them with more information overall. 

The reliable image data service makes time-consuming and dangerous field surveys unnecessary. In such a heterogenous city this is a real benefit.

Zug uses infra3DCity in a very diverse way: from maintenance management, to evaluating road conditions, to renovation projects– infra3DCity can be applied throughout and increases efficiency.

Special focus: expandability

For the city of Zug we developed and implemeted the additional module "Road Excavation Management". This module is used to overlay the utility lines in their real context and coordinate all the associated acitivities by mouse-clicking.

Improved cooperation

Since infra3DCity is accessible via Web Client at any time and from any place, everyone is kept up to date. The service also allows the 3D imade data to be used by select specialists in specialist applications. This streamlines communication and thereby improves cooperation. 

The bottom line: Zug is always on-site, without being there

Using infra3DCity the city of Zug can carry out virtual surveys of the diverse city area from the office. That makes the work of several city council departments much more efficient. The service also enables select specialists to use the image data service in their own specialist applications so that they always have the best information.

Karl Linggi
The visualization of the street space in Webclient reduces the cost of recording the street furniture and monitoring the road conditions by about 30-50 %. Also about 30% of all surveys can be done virtually, which saves a huge amount of time. In all areas, infra3DCity can vastly improve communication and cooperation. We would do it again right away!
Karl Linggi, city engineer, Head of Civil Engineering for the city of Zug

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