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The unique infra3D service from iNovitas brings infrastructure systems (or infrastructure corridors) into your workplace in high resolution, geo-referenced and in three-dimensions. Our web or mobile client makes it easy for you to efficiently monitor and analyse your infrastructure whenever and wherever you are.

The infra3D service also allows you to connect cost-effectively to an existing geoinformation system (GIS).

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More is more

It's simply more efficient

infra3D makes your daily life more efficient: our web or mobile client allows you to use the geo-referenced 3D image database at any time directly from your workplace or when you’re out. 

infra3D enables you to conduct virtual field surveys, assessments and to map, for instance, street infrastructure. It saves you time-consuming fieldwork and increases the efficiency of your organisation. 

infra3D makes it much easier to manage and update your information. Any distance or surface area can be recorded simply, objects or damage are simpler to map, and data from  geographical information systems (GIS) can be interpreted better. This enables you to plan, visualise and present your building projects more efficiently. The infra3D service also designs maintenance management and makes operational maintenance much more efficient 

In summary: the georeferenced 3D image database from iNovitas saves you time and money.

More precise

Our most modern vehicles equipped with stereo imaging and navigation technology traverse the relevant road or rail networks generating highly accurate, georeferenced 3D single image sequences. The main advantage of our product is the incredible precision with which it generates three-dimensional image data. The measuring accuracy of the image database is 1cm – that’s a world record!

More flexibility/ more possibilities

infra3D is very versatile. Its sector-specific and individual configurations always meet your needs.  As a result, you will have an overview of the individual sector-specific service configurations .

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Use Cases
Direct access to the city of Zug
The Canton of Aargau brings its entire canton road network onto the screen
Glarus North achieves a successful fusion thanks to infra3DLocal